2020 Finalists

Once again, the judges had a hard time choosing between amazing, awesome, inspiring women in so many fields.

I would personally like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate this year. The nomination window was during the peak of the pandemic here and many organisations were struggling with day to day decisions, let alone being able to recognise their successes.

Even if the person you nominated does not appear in the list below, please take the time to let them know they were nominated. That morale boost alone can be empowering.

Without further ado, the finalists are:


  • Millie Keating of Hanwha Defence Australia
  • Alison McMeekin of ASC Shipbuilding / BAE Systems Australia
  • Amy McDonald of ASC Shipbuilding / BAE Systems Australia
  • Prudence (Prue) Rhodes of Downer Defence Systems (Downer)
  • Jillian Joyce of Australian Army
  • Miranda Carter of The Whiskey Project



  • Letitia Van Stralen of Royal Australian Navy
  • Kelly Poniris of JLL
  • Rosemary Gauci of CASG, Department of Defence
  • Georgina Richters of PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Katrina Binotto of JET Aviation
  • Sharon Wilson of ASC Shipbuilding / BAE Systems Australia



  • Siobhan Ann Sturdy of Royal Australian Navy
  • Caroline Brown of DEWC Services
  • Dr Teresa Faye Magoga of Defence Science & Technology Group
  • Sindhu Shankar of Frazer-Nash Consultancy
  • Kerry Jan Lunney of Thales Australia Limited
  • Donna Duffy of Boeing Defence Australia
  • Marion Claire Byrne of Defence Science and Technology Group



  • Elizabeth Wright of Murray Consulting Solutions
  • Liesl O’Meara of Northrop Grumman Australia
  • Clare Little of QinetiQ Australia
  • Anush Nadine Avakian of Non-Materiel Procurement Branch, CASG, Department of Defence
  • Alicia Therese Le Kuen Irving of March On Legal / Australian Army



  • Jessica Buley of Royal Australian Navy
  • Marli Smith of ASC
  • Antoinette Jayetileke of Australian Army
  • Anna Maree Reinhardt of Australian Army
  • Nicole Gemmell of Airbus Australia Pacific



  • Kerri-Ann Woodbury of Queensland University of Technology
  • Natalie Therese Stephens of Royal Australian Navy
  • Natasha Fox of Australian Army
  • Kimberly Burns of Penten
  • Gai Cathcart of Salvation Army representative at the 7th Battalion, RAR
  • Karyn Hinder of Working Spirit



  • Emma Jade Regusen of BAE Systems Australia
  • Alison Lee of Penten
  • Lisa Marie Rigby of Australian Army
  • Amy Macallister of Boeing Defence Australia
  • Brianne Wilkinson of Australian Army
  • Kavita Gahlawat of EOS



  • Samantha Roald of Royal Australian Navy
  • Keren Reynolds of BAE Systems Australia
  • Amy Stringfellow of Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Jordynne Winsor of Australian Army
  • Marguerite Taylor of TAE Aerospace
  • Genevieve Steel of Beca



Congratulations to the finalists! We are looking forward to our virtual award event on October 23.